Al-Husein Madhany is Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Tack Advisors. He's also Founding Partner of AssistantsGuide.com.

He serves the global administrative professional community as an inspirational speaker and coach. He offers live and online training for next-level career development as well as consultative services to executives and human resource departments for companies experiencing change management within their administration business functions.  

Al-Husein is regarded as one of the best executive assistant coaches globally, and has worked one-on-one with over 350 EAs and 100 EA to CEOs, coaching them to success, including higher levels of responsibility, weightier business titles, and more robust job descriptions and career ladders.  

His international corporate client list is extensive, including Fortune 50 companies with over $100 billion in annual revenue, as well as Silicon Valley startups and their founder CEOs with $0 in revenue. Al-Husein started his corporate career as a Facebook C-Suite EA, before joining PayPal as the HR Chief of Staff. He holds Master’s degrees from Harvard, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago.

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EA & CEO Coach & Consultant

Former Facebook & PayPal Chief of Staff